**Update** This film was broadcast in analogue over London at around 9pm on the 17.11.2012 as part of a project run by SuperlativeTV. (superlativetv.com/)

Halloween Deprogramming. A collaboration with Samuel Paul Bissell of Pufferfish Productions.

Our modern mass media has blurred the boundary between image and reality such that when truth does make its way to us it is unrecognisable, we have no way to distinguish it from false and distorted messages. As a result we are apathetic toward those truths which most require our action, since we can't trust what we've seen or heard. This apathy in turn entraps society in a reliance upon narrow-minded thinking, tradition and myth. Truth is no longer born of observation, open-mindedness, reason and debate, but is handed down from authority. Needless to say this can not continue indefinitely. We need a way to transcend our current situation and escape this restricting environment.

Shot on Panasonic HVX-200 and Nikon D5100.
Edited in Final Cut Pro
VFX using After Effects
Additional FX with Luca LightKit - lucasplugins.co.uk
Fractals created using Mandelbulb 3D

Extensive use of archive footage from the Prelinger and FedFlix archives.
Music by Psalters. See psalters.com/Pages/Market/Discography.html
Camera by Samuel Bissell and Ian Mason
Corpse played by Edward Jones

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