For the first time in the history one of the most famous classcial repotiore "The Four Seasons" by Antonia Vivaldi
could be performed live with not only an orchestra, a violinist and a conductor, but also two iPads+two media artists sitting side by side with the conductor in front of a reactive digital system which generates realtime sound driven graphics and sonnets written by Vivaldi himself.

To interpret 12 movements which resides in 4 consecutive concertos of the four seasons, we create a reactive visual instrument that incorporates Max/msp, Processing, Touch OSC and 2 iPads. One ipad controlled by a conductor who can trigger particle notes that procedurally form the sonnet in realtime. Notes behavior reacts to sound amplitude, with its various physical parameters controlled by the 2nd iPad, operated by artists as media performers.

The graphics are composed of 12 presets each for one movement in a structure of 3 layers:
background("set")+foreground("notes+sonnets")+the texts("phrases")

New Media Vivaldi Four Seasons-System Demo
Made from a system composed of Processing, Max/msp, Touch OSC, iPad.

Le Quattro Stagioni(The Four Seasons)

Yan Da, reactive media
Yana Sakellion, graphic design

music performed by
Venice Baroque Orchestra
Andrea Marcon, conductor
Giuliano Carmignola, violin

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