A project of sound, architecture and club culture.

In 2012 SOUNDWALK COLLECTIVE is collaborating with Berghain, by recording the sounds of the architectural structure of the club shaking in response to the music.

During the month of April, the Collective was given access to the club and the sound systems of Berghain and Panoramabar, 4 days during daytime, and 1 weekend during the regular events.
The Collective prepared a selection of frequencies and rhythm patterns that were used to make each part of the building vibrate.
By sending frequency sweeps to the sound system, at a volume between 98dB SPL and 108 dB SPL, each interior surface of the building reacted by filtering the sound and producing new harmonics, vibrations and textures, that are normally unheard by the human ear.

The Collective used a series of custom made contact sensors, that were provided for the occasion by the Swiss company of technical creatives Schertler. Each sensor was placed upon a vibrating area of the building, and was able to capture just the resonances of the architecture, without the direct sound.

Each material that constitutes the structure of the building: the glass windows, the metal pipes, the handrails, the metal staircases, the air ducts, the electrical power rooms, the glass bricks, the empty water tanks, the concrete walls, the water pipes; would absorb the sound frequencies and tones in its own unique way, producing in each turn a new sound that often contained a melodic element, allowing the building itself to be played as a musical instrument.

What came out of these recordings is an internal pulse, the sensation of a beat experienced as a seismograph, as well as an internal sonic harmony that is proper to the Berghain building itself.

CAMERA and EDIT: Dasha Redkina

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