PROTRACE™ Final Cut Pro X Plugin

Turn your Final Cut Pro X video into a flip book cartoon, graphic novel, or painting with PROTRACE™ by Pixel Film Studios™. In the click of a button, trace your images with chalk, watercolor paint, or color pencils. With PROTRACE™ you can turn any film into a hand-drawn work of art.

Take your footage to school with the Chalk plugin. This plugin was professionally created to turn your footage into a realistic chalk-drawn cartoon that you can composite onto a real chalkboard background.

Chalk is a must have plugin for giving your footage a cool, hand-drawn look.

Turn your movie into a moving piece of art with the Paint plugin. This is a great effect for giving your story a fantasitical feel without having to hand-paint thousands of stills.

PROTRACE™ also includes the Watercolor plugin which works great on a bold footage with sharp definitions and outlines.

Making a presentation or a company video?

Use the Blueprint effect on footage of buildings or products to create a beautiful moving blueprint diagram. The plugin works great on images with sharp defined edges.

Save a tree!

Make your video into a pencil sketch cartoon without using thousands of pieces of paper. This plugin combined with the Frame Rate Adjustment plugin is a great way to make your footage into a fun flip book style cartoon. The Pencil plugin works best on wide shots.

Color Pencil plugins are also included, and if you have high contrast source footage, try the Charcoal plugin in PROTRACE™.

Making a graphic novel movie? POW!

The Comic plugin can outline your subjects with ink and shade them in with a halftone pattern giving your footage a printed, Pop Art appearance.

Going for more of a Sunday Funnies look? Enter the Newspaper plugin, also included in PROTRACE™. These plugins work best on wide shots.

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