well i kinda had to upload this after a "discussion" i had today just to show what u can do in terms of edit IF u have the right footage on hand and a kind of creative mind .... essentially that is 2x the same song/track ... both utilise almost the same footage basically .... even though the 2nd one has better & more & other b-roll and uses footage of a lot of other songs during the whole / rest of the concert and even from different location .....

the first one is the 1st song from the Taylor Swift: Speak Now World Tour Live Blu-ray

the 2nd one is from the official Music Video:

its not my work, did not do anything for that movie or trailer
i just admire the work and invoke people to care MORE about editing-techniques, sound, music and whatnot
thanks to the ppl who worked on that!

what i did: ( just & only for that upload)
a lil 5.1 surround to stereo downmix for the 1st one

a lil audio mastering and a lil gamma/log/contrast correction for the 2nd one

(all in FCPX .... using the iZotope Alloy 2 audio plugin ;)

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