A millennium after the Era of Ramayana, Asura race and his descendants continued to be hunted.
They were slaughtered everywhere. Only in Alengka, the ancestor of the Asuras, they could live in
peace. However, there was no guarantee that they would be safe forever. An underground organization called Raksasaghna had vowed to destroy the entire descendants of King Rahwana on
the Land of Varadwipa.

At that time, a baby boy with a bloodline of three races, Asura, Wanara and Mannusa was born. He
was named Naradja. It is Badawang, a marshal of the air force of the Republic of Ayodhya, who first saw the potential in Naradja. He also speculated to ask Naradja to join as one of the pre-cadet
of garuda riders at the Air Force Academy – Kurmapati. Badawang made a right choice as Naradja grew to be an outstanding garuda rider.

Naradja had a vision of the potential danger in him. And only 8 elements of the gods or Hasta-Brata
could save himself and the destruction of the Land of Varadwipa. He dared to ask his teammate to
search Hasta-Brata. Without the permission of the academy, they flew riding garudas to different
countries looking for Hasta-brata. They risked their lives in order to get the eight elements.

Release: Dec, 2013
Official Site: wanara.co
Fan Page: facebook.com/the.adventures.of.wanara
Twitter: @thewanaras

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