When you organize a Notturna like the one we use to organize in the middle of the winter, you have to go on the road to test the route and see which path is better than the other.
Usually at the Notturna we prefer to pedal on grevel roads, near rivers, far from the traffic and into the nature!!!
For the 2013 we decided to start from Bergamo and reach Milan following the river Brembo and then the river Adda and the Naviglio Martesana.
We start with a steep climb to the Città Alta and then on the single track along the river, mud, a lot of mud, but we like it a lot!!! After the rain the sun came up and you realize how a familiar place can offer great landscapes even if there are no mountains and you are in a flat area!!!
This recognition was a great day and a great ride, the CicloNotturna of 02/03 February 2013 will be for sure a great adventure, and we hope you can join us!!!

Music: Broken Bottles Form a Star (Prelude) - Snow Patrol

More info and photos: giopirotta.it/wp/?escursioni=road-to-ciclonotturna-brembo

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