Ana F.Furelos
In collaboration with: Bárbara Lanzarote y Susana Alonso
Musical Creation: Ignatz Bee
Voices: Kalli Horn, Olga Llobet, Emilie Buri, Petra Stawowczyk, Louise Mills, Rita Gapar, Marion Acuna, Eva Balzer, Christina Kyriazidi, Dalia Castro, Andrea Novoas, Manuela Pelz, Diana Kagiafa, Angélica Gago, Gabriela Turano, Stephanie Benner.
Other collaborations: Stephan Talneau, Katja von Helldorff, Judit G. Barcina, Iván Hernández, Eduardo Izquierdo, Os Datiles, Carmen Gómez, Casto Martinez C., Paulina Cortés, Hermann Böhm.
Supported by Obra Social Caja de Burgos. Spain & Tatwerk.Berlin.

"The entire range of living matter on Earth from whales to viruses and from oaks to algae could be regarded as constituting a single living entity capable of maintaining the Earth's atmosphere to suit its overall needs and endowed with faculties and powers far beyond those of its constituent parts...Gaia can be defined as a complex entity involving the Earth's biosphere, atmosphere, oceans, and soil; the totality constituting a feedback of cybernetic systems which seeks an optimal physical and chemical environment for life on this planet."
Gaia: A new look at life on Earth by J E Lovelock, publ. Oxford University Press 1979

The work of art Gaia emerges from the theoretical basis of Lovelock, in which Mother Earth behaves like a self-managed living being. Over thousands of years, the human species has learned to observe, understand and interpret her behaviour.

The cultural traditions related with the seasonal cycles, myths and stories, make the transmission of this wisdom from generation to generation possible.
From the second half of the twentieth century on, the phenomenon of rural exodus arises in the context of western civilization. The rapid growth of the economy in the cities and the investment in new technologies lead us to a new system of communication and interdependence between the different countries. In this way, we come to the globalization process which unifies markets, societies, cultures, politics and economics.
One of the effects of globalization on cities is the loss of identity and the acquisition of mass overcrowded behavior patterns. This leads more quickly to the extinction of customs and traditions.

Jute cave
Tree Of live
Three sculptures: Cocoons with voices, tales and Legends:

O-Identidad- Das Metal -
I- Invierno- Das Wasser -
II- Verano- Das Feuer -
III- Otoño- Die Erde -
IV- Primavera- Die Luft -

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