A restless new web series - Ep 4 of 8
starring Elizabeth Greer and Rob Nagle
Created & Written by Stephen Serpas
Directed by Darin Anthony
featuring "A Mindless Pop Song" by Ralph Covert & The Bad Examples, used by permission, available on i-Tunes
Executive Producer
Mark B. Goff, Joe Hudson

Ben Longland

Gabriel Diamond
James Moore
Jared Seltzer

Ralph Covert

Michael Cavanaugh
Austin Harpole
John Nemec

Script Supervisor
Deidre Works

Sound & Color by
Doug Newell

SPECIAL THANKS: Heather Allyn, Colleen Anthony, Leah Diamond, Suzanne Longland, Scott Sandoe, Irene Serpas, and David Spivak, Also, plum onesies, “It’s just a dick,” and Rafael, the pizza delivery driver.

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