A restless new web series
starring Elizabeth Greer and Rob Nagle
Created & Written by Stephen Serpas
Directed by Darin Anthony

Trailer by Gabriel Diamond
Song: "In Another Life" by Ralph Covert and The Bad Examples, used by permission, available on iTunes
and ralphcovert.com

Executive Producer
Mark B. Goff, Joe Hudson

Ben Longland

Gabriel Diamond
James Moore
Jared Seltzer

Ralph Covert

Michael Cavanaugh
Austin Harpole
John Nemec

Script Supervisor
Deidre Works

Sound & Color by
Doug Newell

SPECIAL THANKS: Heather Allyn, Colleen Anthony, Leah Diamond, Suzanne Longland, Scott Sandoe, Irene Serpas, and David Spivak, Also, plum onesies, “It’s just a dick,” and Rafael, the pizza delivery driver.

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