This video demonstrates how a product or service, in this case both a Montana Custom Home builders can put video to work for them.

Video is arguably the most cost effective marketing tool in the word. In this 'sales tool video', you'll see several suggestions about having your stills edited into video footage; the photography and footage can be drawn from our archive or your can supply it. We also, of course, shoot custom stills and video on location.

This clip displays how a bit of enticement can be added to your video presentation. Entertaining while you inform, as well as distilling the essence of what you're offering to the prospect is to obey some of the most solid marketing & advertising advice available.

The video posted here was created to bait a hook for those who making exits out of 'inner-city' life. It's selling an experience, not a house. Successful commercials sell the emotion not the product. Mind you there are many exceptions to that...product demos would be one.

This video is intended to present one of a thousand ways this can be done! We hope you'll give us a shot at presenting to you a few of these options when you consider adding video to your sales team. We think of video as a cyber employee...its never late, requires no insurance, does not need to be drug tested or take a vacation. Does not call in sick or complain about the working environment! AND it works for YOU, all day every day... in a worldwide market place.

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