Bernardo Torrens (Madrid - Spain, born 1957)

Bernardo Torrens - “Women in black & white”

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Bernardo Torrens was born in 1957 on Madrid.

Is a spanish contemporary hyperrealist painter.

Lives and works in Madrid.

Bernando Torrens is one of the most important contemporary artists of Spain. He is inside the group of artists who cultivate the hyperrealism.

His pictures of beautiful woman are of an exquisite beauty, there are pictures in subtle and deep white persons and blacks, as well as paintings of intense coloring.

In spite of the fact that he is virtually self-taught, he is a master painter, and can be securely positioned in the tradition of Spanish realism from the seventeenth century to the present.

He is also a master of his medium, the airbrush, achieving nuances of color and surface texture that are remarkable, even for this much-touted tool of the twentieth-century “super-realists.”

This is a selection of the work of the Spanish painter Bernando Torrens.

Statement of the artist:
"My work is about the human being. The deepest part of the human being. Any of my subjects tries to be the representation of the Humanity. Also in some cases they pretend to be the representation of a group of all people. My work is also deeply connected with my life and circumstances. Weight, intensity, sincerity, reflection are key words to describe my work. Beauty in all its meaning it is also a constant research. Technique, virtuosity, etc, etc, are only tools, not the goal. There is something else. It should be. If not… it is only “fireworks”. - Bernardo Torrens.


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