The barmy and brilliant Jesus H Foxx first ran into each other in 2007, as a four-piece. While the current count of band members now sits at an unwieldy seven, they've somehow tamed the early ramshackle sound into a glorious racket that manages to stay true to their original scruffbag roots but with added pop goodness. High time we got them in for a session, then.

We meet them all in the reading room at Edinburgh's Bowery, a small room off the basement of what used to be Lady Glenorchy's Parish Church. Lady Glenorchy herself was the daughter of wealthy parents, who married one of 18th century Scotland's wealthiest landowners. After he died, the good Lady went about spannering the inheritance, not on hats, but on chapels, ones that were designed to allow preaching by, and education for, those who could not be accommodated in existing parish church buildings. She built loads, including this one, which originally had a school in it. Given the oddball directions and many layers to the Jesus H Foxx way of doing stuff, we figured that felt about right.

For starters we got a version of Oh Messy Life, the first track on their EP, as well as the opening salvo live. In full-on electric glory, it moves from its grand folk choir opening, and descends into staccato riffs and refrains - stripped down here, it becomes a more shuffling and friendly beast.

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