Kristi Guldberg (NO) is employed at the Culture Department of Bergen City Council where she primarily works with youth culture. In 2011 she took part in developing a comprehensive strategy plan for graffiti and street art for the city of Bergen.

Documentation of the talks, debates and presentations during Nuart Plus, an international Street Art conference that took place during Nuart 2012.

Open to the public, Nuart PLUS is a professional gathering that explores the ever-strengthening links between creativity and our urban environment. Collaborative initiatives, new practices, fluidity between artistic and commercial spheres, and new avenues of financing are all issues that define this new cultural milieu. Meanwhile, through technology and media, the reach of creative actions is now potentially global, a dynamic that's increasingly inspiring and influencing new works and genres of art. Just a few of the areas explored in this dynamic series of talks.

Featuring a mix of keynotes, panels and presentations, the Nuart PLUS summit is a 3-day conference aimed at elaborating a cohesive view of the current trends within both sanctioned and unsanctioned public art and proposing visions for the future.

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