This is a video made from ten days of travel and filming in Ireland the last week in October 2012. We were interviewing flute players all over Ireland, 10 in all, including Matt Molloy of the Chieftans and Tom Doorley from Danu. The interviews and associated footage will be used in the upcoming feature documentary; "The Keymaster - Patrick Olwell's story" premiering in Boulder, CO, February 28th, 2013. Trailer here:

A big "thank you!" to my DP, Blayne Chastain, as most of the 'beauty' shots are his. He also kept me grounded and stable during our 10-day trek. Watch out for downtown Dublin!

Music by Efterklang, "Dreams Today" from their album Piramida, available on iTunes -

Shot with Canon 5D MkIII, Sony NEX-FS100, and edited in Premier Pro 5.5

Camera: Jem Moore, Blayne Chastain
Edit: Jem Moore

©2012 Descant Productions

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