project breakdown:

KEL (means "change" in Mayan) is a motion piece dedicated to the very old and wise mayan culture, it’s based on a book the mayans wrote about the creation of the world according to their believes: Popol Vuh. The mayans divided the man eras in 4, so, according to them there has been 4 kinds of man, the man made of mud, then the man of wood, the man of seeds and finally the man of corn, which is us, the last ones were destroyed by the gods for not taking care of their tribute and not being grateful enough, that’s why they created the man of corn.
I send a message in Mayan code, asking for a change in the actual society we live in, which thanks to the man o corn, the world we live in is full of extreme injustice.

Music by Alex Marin
Sound Design by Eugenio Battaglia & Oscar Vargas
Animation Assistant: Cristina Bucardo
Everything Else: Motion DesigNERD

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