To the cast of Grease! I have a present for all of you.

Do you still have your Grease tape and if so, can you still play it? If not, no worries. How many of you still have a VHS player? Exactly. It's all about streaming and digital downloads.

I digitally transferred the beloved Grease tape and I'm distributing a digital copy for the low, low cost of FREE. It’s hosted on both Dropbox and here on Vimeo. Although you are able to download a copy from each source, I'd recommend downloading the file from Dropbox since its higher in quality. Vimeo allows a full length stream, while Dropbox, in some cases, only allows you to stream the first 15 minutes.

Share the link online with friends, family, and fellow cast members. Use the original link in case you are having trouble with the link.

Dropbox links:[Digitized%20By%20Alex%20Zarnoski].mp4

Vimeo links:

Again, share these links with anyone you think will appreciate it. If you have any issues either downloading or streaming the file, please contact me: I succeeded in streaming it to various mobile devices including iOS and Android. If you don't have a Dropbox account please use this link and sign up. Adding the file to your Dropbox account and using the Dropbox app with your favorite mobile platform works best. Streaming from Vimeo to any platform shouldn't give you any problems. I've supplied some technical information below for your reference.

Dropbox file:
File name: Grease! (2nd Grade, Class of 2006) [Digitized By Alex Zarnoski].mp4
Dimensions / Aspect Ratio / Frame Rate: 640x480, (4:3), 29.97
Codec: JVT/AVC
Size: 578.2 MB

Vimeo file:
File name: Grease! (2nd Grade, Class of 2006) [Digitized By Alex Zarnoski].mov
Dimensions / Aspect Ratio / Frame Rate: 640x480, (4:3), 29.97
Codec: H.264
Size: 461.9 MB


Alex Zarnoski

P.S. You can thank Danny Zuko for supplying me with the original tape.

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