The project was made for the city of Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, 8 km south of the Arctic Circle. A group project with Aukust Yrtti and Hanna Yli-Korpela.
5 month every year, Lapland and the arctic circle are covered with snow. In addition to the snow, deep darkness leaves the city centers with no visible zebra crossing or road signs. Past attempts of heating and de-iceing over the years faild and no actual solution was found.
We developed a concept to project the crossing marks over the snow by two opposing roadsigns. The signs, which aslo serve as pedestrian crossing lights, are heated and their roof shade the projecting surfaces from the extreme weather. The roof is also equiped with solar panels for capturing any sun that may come along.
We opted for bright flourecent colors for better visability in bright days also included bright Xenon flashing headlights to capture drivers' attention.
The two signs on opposite sides of the road project the crossing on the snow between them. Since it's projected, the crossing sign can take variable forms and colors and serve as a decorative element as well.

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