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Nativity 3.0
Rounding out a three-year effort by Xhurch to explore, scramble, dilute, and REDEFINE the staid tradition of the Christmas nativity scene, this year's installment promises to shepherd visitors into an uncanny digital beyond...

Planned in conjunction with Seattle's reputed Hair and Space Museum, Nativity 3.0 promises to "top out" in both conceptual scope and visual splendor. In 2010, Xhurch staged a quaint and traditional Christmas Nativity which drew friends and a few neighbors. Last year, Alien Nativity attracted hundreds of visitors and garnered international media attention with its kitsch extra-terrestrial motif. This year's installation will abstract even further away from the original, presenting a visual feast while riffing on topics like Infinity, The Coming Technological Singularity, Immortality (through technology), modern Spiritualism and THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!

Xhurch Nativity History
Following the transformation of a former NE Portland church in 2010 into the arts venue known as Xhurch, a first nativity was staged that December—a “traditional,” LIVE nativity, featuring human stand-ins, papier mache animals, hot cocoa, classic Christmas music, and a porcelain Jesus...

In 2011, Alien Nativity traded out 3 wise men for 4 alien magi, a shaman Santa Claus, and a mysterious mirror manger. The exhibit was a great success, with international press coverage, hundreds of visitors, and some surprisingly touching responses.

Now, in a continued effort to provide an exciting experience for visitors while challenging holiday convention (and our own ingenuity), Nativity 3.0 is set to dazzle audiences again in 2012.

Your contribution
Whereas last year’s Alien Nativity was funded in part by generous donations, and on a shoestring budget, this year’s will require a greater investment in technology and hi-tech mediums, some of which are proprietary and therefore costly. Additionally, the construction demands of Nativity 3.0 will require more raw materials and more time spent building. Lights will again be a key feature and are costly as well. In order to make this year’s installation possible, we will absolutely need the help of generous and passionate contributors. This project is part of a trajectory that is three years in the making, and one predicated on the hard work and dedication of a growing pool of talented artists and individuals working for the love of their craft in order to provide a community experience that runs for a week and remains FREE-OF-CHARGE. Please help support the Xhurch in its most ambitious effort to date and join in the fun (and surprise) of another amazing nativity creation.

Featuring footage by Travis Brown (Signal Productions) and Experimental Half-Hour.

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