Brie is a special little girl who needs a very special home, where her delightful and sweet personality will be cherished and encouraged to blossom. A tad shy at first, Brie will relax as soon as she knows she is in the presence of a loving, caring person. She will nuzzle her head against your body, lay down next to you and breathe a contented sigh as she gently rests her head upon your leg. Brie is a little overwhelmed in the rather chaotic shelter environment, but once she is in a quiet place, where there are downy blankets and soft voices, she begins to show her puppy playfulnesss, skittering around on her long, thin legs exploring her new environs. Brie makes friends easily, and is submissive to older, more confident dogs. She plays appropriately with them, never getting too rambunctious or mouthy, as some puppies tend to do. Indeed everything about Brie is gentle and precious. Her little licks upon your hand, her tiny nibbles as she eats her food, her imploring, innocent eyes. Brie should be placed in a serene home, and may live with a well-matched male or female dog. She also does fine with cats. We love our little Brie, and can't wait for just the right person to come along and scoop her up into a life filled with a plethora of safety, stability, softness and sweetness.

Age: 5mo (as of Oct ‘12)
Sex: female
Breed: APBT
Weight: 20lbs
Fixed: Upon Adoption
Shots: Yes
Dog Social: Unk
Cat Friendly: Unk
Ok with Children Under 12: Unk
Other: Sweet Brie is a shy little girl who arrived at BACS with a case of Demox mange that is currently being treated.
Date Available: October 24, 2012

Ask for No. A029287, Kennel A07

Berkeley Animal Care Services
2013 Second Street
Berkeley, Ca 94710
(510) 981-6600

Visit Brie's album for additional photos:


Adoption Fees:
Dogs $100.00 / Cats $75 -- include shots, microchip, spay or neuter.

60/6/60 Adoption Program, Partnering Senior Animals with Senior Friends -- If you are 60 or older and adopt an animal who is 6 or older, you'll get 60% off the adoption fee!

Adoption Criteria (Non Pit Bull Type Breeds):
In order to qualify as an adopter, you must bring proof of home ownership or your rental contract showing you are allowed to have pets before the adoption can be completed. If you're coming to adopt a new family or household pet, please bring your family members or other members of the household with you to the shelter -- including any other dogs in the family. We want to make sure your new dog is a good fit for both 2-leggers and 4-leggers alike.

Additional Adoption Criteria (Pit Bull Type Breeds):
If you're applying to adopt a pit bull type breed, in addition to the standard adoption criteria, your rental contract must specifically state you are allowed to have a put bull type breed dog at your residence; you must be over 25 years of age; and you must pass a home inspection before the adoption can be completed.

As an added bonus, when you adopt a pit bull type breed through BACS, you can attend Bad Rap's Pit Ed training classes for FREE (normal fee $100). These classes are extremely popular and can have a 6 month waiting list. But, when you adopt a pittie from us, you get to skip the wait and start attending classes right away. You won't find this incredible opportunity through any other shelter. You can read more about Bad Rap's Pit Ed on their website:

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