Please note I am only using two bags for one example to show how a VERY extreme situation you could use two to get out of it but one is all you need for 99% of situations.

I launched my first "signature product" three years ago with Kessler Crane, the Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly: and have been approached to do others since but not felt the need to do anything else or was excited enough about anything or why my name need be on it. Although I do have my own fragrance and swimwear line coming out soon! ;)

Vbag sent me some of their older bags to check out. I said I liked them, but would prefer a number of things changed for me to really like and use it. Smaller, lighter, smaller pump, softer more flexible material to mould more easily to awkward things and still have the hole to attach to bag...I needed to make it as portable as possible for my work...They said OK and that is really how the second product came about!

It's incredibly flattering to have my name now on two film making products and I love this one to bits. It's so bloody useful and easy to carry around. Honestly it has gotten me out of a number of awkward spots already in placing the camera where I want it.

In this video I explain what it is, what it does and how to use it.

For the whole of November, to tie in with my fundraising campaign for Movember (where can you win one of these bags!) they are selling these at a discounted price of €149 euros (+VAT if applicable) or $189!

These are being sold exclusively by the manufacturer:

Enjoy the video and if you buy the bag I hope you love it as much as I do!

Filmed by Nino Leitner
Edited by Philip Bloom
Assistant Kat Dietl.

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