Kai asked me to help him out with Keyboard Maestro's native image resizing functionality.

So I did.

The macros and whatnot I reference can be found down below.

Keyboard Maestro can be purchased from Stairways Software at keyboardmaestro.com
Use the offer code 'thetkast' at checkout to get 20% off your purchase of Keyboard Maestro!

If you have questions about Keyboard Maestro, this video, or any of the other things I do, you can reach me at:
@TokuNJT on Twitter

Resize Images Macro: dl.dropbox.com/u/18082988/Resize%20Images.kmmacros
This macro uses the native image resizing capabilities of Keyboard Maestro 5.3.2. For more information, check out the article on Macdrifter at: macdrifter.com/2012/05/keyboard-maestro-resize-image-macro.html

Resize Images Macro #2: dl.dropbox.com/u/18082988/Resize%20Images%20%232.kmmacros
This macro requires "Resize Images.app", which can be found here: dl.dropbox.com/u/18082988/Resize%20Images.scpt

To turn "Resize Images.scpt" into "Resize Images.app", open it in Apple Script Editor and save it as an Application. Then drag it into your Applications Folder.

I will claim zero responsibility for anything that goes wrong with this process, etc.

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