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Microexpressions are involuntary facial expression. It is difficult to hide microexpressions. Microexpression express the seven universal emotions: disgust, anger, fear, sadness, happiness, surprise, and contempt. They are very brief in duration, lasting only 1/25 of a second. Only the gif-animated pixel is absolute and universal. The pixel does not move or change, it is an illusion, there is not a whole lot of information and certainly there is no depth of information available. The pixel is the past. The pixel is like a star in the universe.


We look deep inside our planet, we look far out into the universe, we look deep into the eyes of our leaders searching for microexpressions. One room is showing the forefathers of corporate futurism & greed, chunkily pixelated executives, members of our board. The other series is dedicated to Sutherland in the Karoo. The research-section enables you to browse the material used for research. And don't forgt, humans are drawn to the mystery of their planets organic history and to the inner workings of the smallest but unimaginably powerful elements in the universe. They are like deer caught in the headlight of an approaching car. Deeply in shock and unable to move!


South Africa's Karoo desert is a special place for us, a special area that must be respected - socially and environmentally. Some years ago our Dutch ancestors were hunting lions and bushmen in this very desert, now we are committed to the sustainable development of clean-burning natural gas in an environmentally sound manner. We intend to frack up the Karoo, and we think we found a solution for the water issue. In building a better energy future we all have a part to play.

Let’s Go!

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