Edited and created in Adobe After Effects
Audio: Sinking Inside Yourself - Hammock

Concept exploration. Cosmic coincidence of opposites. Mapping of psycho-spiritual states with impressions of the ephemeral world reframed as reflections of the inner Infinite Self.

Inspired by the poetry of Rumi titled "Drowned"

When you are drowned in God,
you only want to be more drowned.
When your spirit is tossed up and down
by the waves of that Sea, you want to say,
"What's more delightful? The waves or the depths?"
And what's more fascinating:
the Beloved's shield
or His piercing arrow?
O heart, if you recognize any difference
between joy and sorrow
these illusions will tear you apart.

Maulana Jalal ad-Din Rumi, Mathnawi I

Motion sketch developed for Motion Graphics ID Project, cum FYP concept exploration.

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