Ligaw a Film by Jopeth Lara
In Cooperation with Freshminds Film Festival Group 1

The film chronicles a day in life of a group of batchmates heading to a Highschool Reunion. As the group drives through the countryside, a mysterious old woman crossed the roadway and accidentally got hit by their car. Panicking, they tried to get out of the road but oddly entered into an endless loop. The car suddenly stopped and the engine won't start back up. They’ve managed to fix the car but failed to make it out. As Gina and Mark ventures further into the woods, they found a sneaker and its severed creepy eyes. Gina stumbles back, horrified, as Mark got attacked and killed by an unknown creeper. After a while, Alvin and Jeff noticed that Gina and Mark are missing, and they ran into the woods to look for them.

• Alvin Cadenilla
• Raymond Oliva
• Jeffrey Rebite Hernandez
• Mark Tenorio
• Gina
• Rose
with special participation of Heart Zafra

Ligaw is a 2012 Short horror film written and directed by Jopeth Lara. The film was shot in Balite Falls, Amadeo, Cavite. Inspired by the movies Jeepers Creepers, Wrong Turn, and The Road (GMA FILMS).

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