i2P Youth Expedition Botswana

The i2P team had the privilege of meeting a small group of nomadic people living in their settlement in the Kalahari. The Bushmen are at the heart of a complicated debate in Botswana. The government has been trying to move them out of what is now a game reserve and in to villages, but the group we met is holding out; they want to remain on their traditional lands, and at this point seem able to do so. Visiting with the Bushmen was no easy task. Our group was tracked by the police through the Central Kalahari Game Reserve because they didn’t want us to meet the Bushmen. After negotiations with our guides the officials conceded on the grounds we not film or photograph the visit, and not ask any questions beyond some basic greetings. It left the group with lots to think about….have a listen.

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Composer: Sean James Boyer soundback.ca

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