56th International Festival of Contemporary Music of La Biennale di Venezia
October 9th 2012 at the Teatro alle Tese

"But even more spectacular will be the concert on October 9th, also at the Tese (8:30 pm), for which Beneventi will prepare an installation of more than 50 suspended percussions, most of them metal (thai, gong, bell plates, ring, vibraphone, chimes, cowbell, operagong, Chinese, ocean drum, rototom, spirit chimes…) which surround the performer like a vibrant sound cage. Beside Beneventi’s metal cube there will be another structure in this Venetian concert, made of tulle, actioned by filaments and sensors by Thierry Coduys, the creator of the Iannix program who thus invents a “plastic double”, a cube parallel to the cube of instruments."

Figurazione della freccia — Stefano Trevisi
In Circles — Andrea Agostini
Golfi d'ombra — Fausto Romitelli
Primal — Raffaele Grimaldi
Plus oultre — Hugues Dufourt

Source: labiennale.org/en/music/program/program.html#vd4

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