"learning it is challenging". So what's the answer to overcome that?

Option 1: Learn it before you buy it? Go to courses.
*False. Many choose this route and quickly figure out that ultrasound is not something you can learn by attending courses or workshops. It's a hands-on modality. In order to learn it, you MUST have it.

Option 2: Buy it and then hope you'll figure it out?
*A wise man once said "hope is never a strategy". Many people buy from the "big companies" and then realize they need specialized training to come with the system, which those companies cannot offer. Therefore the ultrasound system sits there for 3-6-9 months not being used. Ouch, now that's costly!

Option 3: Buy from Advisor Medical and get the right product and leaving the training up to them?
*Many people make the smart choice and choose Advisor Medical. They get on-site training by experts in Pain Management Ultrasound, Course Tuition to CME Accredited courses, and a 24/7 video tutorial library. The smartest of the 3 choices seems to be, Advisor Medical for Pain Management Ultrasound.


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