Princeton, NJ (November 7th, 2012)‚ cmiVFX has been the leader in 3d forest calculations for a decade using mathematical equations for growing trees in L-System parsing applications, such as Houdini and Cinema 4D. However the times have changed over the years, and new methods have come along with them. The days of using turtle equations for the sole purpose of creating branches and leaves are all but a memory when you have access to IDV's SpeedTree Modeler. This modeler is highly specialized for creating trees in a Video Game Pipeline, and as of recently, been used for high end feature film work. The magic is in the speed of which it can generate trees. it only takes minutes to spit out randomized variations of IDV's infamous tree library so that you have a totally unique set of assets. Let's just ask one follow up question. What if you are in charge of designing trees that don't yet exist? Perhaps an insight to Alien Life, or simply a call out to a popular sub species of plants not found in the default libraries, or better yet… the need to create high resolution trees to perform dynamic events on them in other visual effects applications. The magic is now back in the hands of the artist. In this volume we show you how to generate assets prior to even getting them into Speedtree. We take you through each step starting from photography, all the way to digital painting techniques and image restoration tips and tricks that will allow for your look development to be flexible and manageable with standard file structures. When your dealing with 500 VFX shots and all of them have moving alien trees with FX applied to them, there really is only one choice for learning how to deal with such a mess. (This is the part where you whisper, "Is it cmiVFX?" ..and you would be correct)

In order to inspire more artists to check out using SpeedTree in their digital VFX pipeline we are offering this first volume at an introductory price of $29.95. That is an incredible offer considering 10 years of research is crammed into a feature length movie! We don't mind making them, when you keep asking for them! As always, this video is included in the cmiVFX subscription for no additional cost.


Short Description
Learn how to use several applications with unique techniques for digital painting that allows you to set up proper texture environments for use with the SpeedTree modeler. This is the very first step to take in our Advanced Digital Forest Pipeline Techniques Video Series. Once you master these skills, you will be generating custom foliage at the speed of light. Take advantage of this popular technology now for the price of taking a date to the movies.

(This video was created to help users get over the hurdle of handling texture assets and custom geometry for advanced digital forestry solutions)

Here at cmiVFX we maintain a current training library for the latest versions of popular software titles. When it comes to high end CG and VFX training, there is only once choice... cmiVFX! This video is also available a-la-cart in our brand new HTML5 player system.

|||||||||||||||||||||| SpeedTree - Creating Digital Forest Assets Volume 1 ||||||||||||||||||||||

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