This is a testimonial video that I worked on as an editor.

I had originally planned out the entire look of this video pre-production. However, I was unable to be there for the initial meeting with the videographer and the organization that asked us to make the video. After this initial meeting, I found out that they wanted to shoot on that day. Luckily, the videographer had his camera equipment in his car so he was able to get some footage. Unfortunately, the room that was filmed in did not have good lighting and the air conditioning system was on so the audio did not turn out well at all. I was out of town the second day they met as well. On this set, they shot a lot of B-Roll. They were also able to get a new audio voice over track. However, they did not take any video when we did this so we did not have any video that synced with audio which made editing tricky.

B-Roll and Color grading was my saving grace when editing this video. I decided to only use desaturated B-Roll that doesn't show her face until the shifting point of this video where you begin to see her life now in color and what she looks like.

The video and audio was captured with a Canon 60D.

The audio track underneath is The Solid Rock by E-Pop. I compressed the track so that at the beginning you could still hear the organ but when it hits the build, you don't lose the voiceover.

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