Clapping Metabolism

22h00 - 23 Nov, 2012
ZDB @ Bairro Alto
Free entrance

Mumified rabbit, started on his way to Venus.

Over his fur, the fur of all other animals displayed in syntetic patterns: Zebras designed in a polyamide factory, Leopards brought from the world of Polyester.
Props fetched in the backyard of a Polyurethane dream or the finding of psychotropic silks in an old acrylic deposit, built on the 24th century.
That’s how the rabbit dresses for the transhumanist celebration of non-humanity - there in between the galaxies, where no laws demand the exercise of etiquette.

Direction: Pedro Marum
Photography: António Medeiros
Art Direction: Francisco Soares, Joana Sousa, Pedro Marum
Film edition: Joana Sousa
Costume design: Francisco Soares, Mariana Marques
With: Francisco Soares, Jules Barbier, Mariana Marques, Pedro Marum

Music: Aeph - Andante Violento

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