Here it is, sorry for the delay and a further sorry for the super cheesy intro :3

Also join our steam group c:

I am mostly using shotgun because I just want to :3 and yes I miss so many shots as I am really not at the top of my game these days and well you may notice so many bad hit reg shots where they take so many shots to die, thank you horrible servers!

Weapon mods displayed on video*
Character mods: Ammo, clotting agent 3 and valzipram tablets.

The pic is by LasterK - I would like to thank him for the epic picture he drew me for a commission.
Anyway if you want the high res pic click here and here is a 16:9 wallpaper version, I got more coming and well... some echii ones too...maybe full blown hentai ones with rule 34 of Shini and ShiniDesu on it too :p nah I am kidding :3

--Also the picture is tweaked a bit from the one shown in the video, pm me if you want the original.

*Also I know I missed out the Snub Nose weapon pic and I incorrectly marked a shotgun as having MP3 instead of 3PS3. I really didn't want to re-render, it takes ages and sometimes it could come out bugged with blank clips.


I do not claim to own the songs used in this video, here are the songs and their purchase links.

Song #1 - Kill Paris -The Love We Shared

Song #2 - SUPERBUS - All Alone (Seven Lions Remix)

The game I am playing is APB Reloaded. It's free to play so it's worth a try. Download here or
It is property of Gamersfirst and Reloaded Productions

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