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Carol Dweck, "The Growth Mindset: Non-Cognitive Skills & Learning" - Video from #PSP2012 (via @CurtisCFEE)

November 10, 2012 at CFEE, Curtis School, Los Angeles, CA

Several hundred educators and parents, representing 125 schools and districts, gathered at a free conference at Curtis School's Center for the Future of Elementary Education (CFEE) on Saturday, November 10th, to examine their commitments to the lives and the learning of school-aged children at school and at home.

Nine leading voices in education and psychology -- Carol Dweck, Richard Gerver, Nikhil Goyal, Ken Kay, Alfie Kohn, Steven Jones, Wendy Mogel, Ken Robinson, and Yong Zhao -- invited teachers and parents from public and private schools to examine the practices now known to support effective teaching and healthy parenting, to reflect on how they might transform their practices at school and at home, and to establish a set of principles that might guide such transformation in a system that is changing at a much slower pace than our ideas.

"#PSP2012: Teaching and Learning at Home and at School" was a free event for all who registered to attend, owing to the generous financial support of 13 independent schools and the inspiration and support of the education leaders who helped to shape the design of the program. Each shares a commitment to erasing boundaries between private and public school communities, and between teachers and parents, and to facilitate collective dialogue and action amongst all stakeholders. The event was also livestreamed to a simultaneous gathering of educators and parents in Northern California, at the Jackson Theater at Sonoma Country Day School.

More information about this event: cfee.me/PSP2012.
Press release: cfee.me/PSP2012-PRESS
Covenant to Help Inspire Learning & Development (CHILD): cfee.me/PSP2012-CHILD

Center for the Future of Elementary Education on Curtis School (CFEE): cfee.me/AboutCFEE
CFEE on Twitter: twitter.com/CurtisCFEE

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