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  1. Arjen van der Wal

    Arjen van der Wal

    Director + Post Production 

  2. Michel Geurds

    Michel Geurds


  3. Stefanie Hatzis

    Stefanie Hatzis

    Set Assistant 

  4. Cristian Calin

    Cristian Calin

    Audio Producer - SFX 

  5. Tonny Nobel

    Tonny Nobel

    Audio Producer - Electronic music 

  6. Claire Steka

    Claire Steka

    3D Visual Effects 

  7. Claire Steka

    Claire Steka

    cast: Graphic Designer 

  8. Tonny Nobel

    Tonny Nobel

    cast: Music Producer 

  9. Sjoerd van der Vlugt

    Sjoerd van der Vlugt

    cast: Painter 

  10. Sean Roller

    Sean Roller

    cast: Web Designer 

  11. Krischan de Beer

    Krischan de Beer


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The baddest bear around the block

The baddest bear around the block” by Arjen van der Wal has 11 people who starred in or helped make this video.

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