The VCU School of Business is celebrating their 75th Anniversary this year. Earlier in the year, they were brainstorming on various ways to get students, faculty and alums excited about the 75th! That's when they contacted me. They knew they wanted to do a video, but it took a lot of brainstorming sessions to figure out what to do with the video. We went back and forth about an informational video, but that seemed too formal for the subject. Then we talked about doing a quick profile story on a student, faculty member or alum - possibly bringing in an older alum that has never been to the new building, Snead Hall, and getting their reaction. Then, one day, I got a call from Joe Schilling, the Communications and Marketing Coordinator for the School of Business, and he says, "We want to do a timelapse of students, faculty and staff forming a giant 75 outside of Snead Hall." My first reaction - AWESOME!

So, we had planned to make this giant 75 in the courtyard of the school. We had a tight timeline, not only to arrange getting enough people to pull it off, but also, to shoot it. We weren't going to use hundreds of extras; we were going to use actual students, faculty and staff, which meant they didn't have long periods of time to devote to this. Needless to say I was nervous about it. I wasn't nervous about being on the rough of the building or potentially hanging out the side of the building to frame the shot, just the timeframe.

The day of the shoot arrives and it's raining... of course. So, we have to move it inside which conflicts with the framing of the shot because there's nothing high enough without windows or walls that is going to allow me to frame it the way I wanted. We had to settle for the 2nd floor balcony. It wasn't perfect, but we thought you could still make out the 75 once it was formed. It ended up looking pretty good. Additionally, we shot some interviews to add the human-interest element to it, and I got some footage of them forming the 75 to help build the video.

All and all it was a fun shoot! And I'm happy with the way it turned out!

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