Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to this special sermon by Mr David Shrigley BA Hons. He will take you on a journey around the iceberg of the human brain and along the way he will point out various things that are worthy of discussion.

Only the tip of you is visible, he reveals. This small part of you that people can see is quite pleasant. But there is a huge part of you beneath the surface that no one can see. You say your lower region is nice but you could be lying. It might be horrible and / or diseased.

This sort of thing is really interesting. Like how the brain decides what is right and wrong and why some people are charming and others behave like monkeys. Mr Shrigley will show you the parts of the brain that harbour vice to help you behave less like a monkey.

David Shrigley is one of the best-loved and most highly acclaimed artists of his generation. His wildly influential drawing style comes from his ambition to 'communicate as simply and directly as possible'. He received his first major survey exhibition, 'Brain Activity', in Spring 2012 at the Hayward Gallery, London. His new book is 'How Are You Feeling? At the Centre of the Inside of The Human Brain's Mind (Canongate, 2012)

This secular sermon took place on Sunday 4 November 2012 at Conway Hall, and was the first time David Shrigley has given a lecture as an artwork in itself.

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