I do not own this beat, Production by Mister B. I was just having fun.

Coming Home lyrics

She be feelin me, oh yeah she feelin me, when we all alone in my room, she be teasing me,
I can’t get enough, I can’t get enough, I’m addicted to her touch.
She keep me satisfied, coming back every night, I’m not lonely or depressed, and when I’m with you I am so free, with no more stress.

I stay up everynight wishing you were by my side,
I wish that I could see your face and tell you everything’s alright,

I’m coming home, yeah X3
I’m coming home, for you, for you

I need to be home tonight so we can go out,
Your not just a pretty face in the crowd,
I need you babe, more than anything, theres no doubt
your what makes my heart beat, I’ll scream out loud,

I’m only In town for the weekend, I’m with you girl and I know that I’ll be cheezin,
I know that you love me, but I can’t give up the money, so I’ll hold my head up high, and look you in the eye, and I’ll tell you “goodbye”, but please don’t cry.
Its only Friday night, we still got 2 more nights, tell then lets just try, to have the best weekend of our lives,


I swear to you that I’ll make this right, I swear to god that I’ll make this right, I promise you that I’ll make this right, I promise god that I’ll make this right.

I said I love you, and I meant it, I’ll never forget it. Your are my girl, my only girl.
I’m coming back, home to your world.


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