Interpretação e concepção: Dina Vasconcelos, Joana Reais Pinto, Tânia Cardoso
Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema

A história da alma atormentada do assassino Quim Lomba é contada e recontada através da exploração das sonoridades escondidas na montanha. Uma experiência vocal e performativa que parte do tradicional e da memória colectiva para uma pesquisa vocal contemporânea das personagens do mestre Torga. Almas com peito de granito, escondidas por entre os montes que encerram a história de um Portugal profundo.


Conception and Interpretation: Dina Vasconcelos, Joana Reais Pinto, Tânia Cardoso
Higher School of Theatre and Cinema of Lisbon

The characters of this tale represent the haunted souls of an ancient Portugal. Miguel Torga is one of the most important Portuguese authors from the 20th century, born in 1907 in the deep north interior of Portugal. With his tales and stories, he dared to give a voice to the people and to the sounds of those lost lands, between mountains and valleys.
Repouso (Mountain Tales), is the story of an assassin who is visiting the festivities in honour of Our Lady of the Good Death, an assassin who plants the fear in the village, but also shows, in some moments, an embarrassed humanity - a tormented soul that walks through the book pages, until he meets a 9 year old child, who shows and proves him the need for his death.
A vocal performance, in which the singing and the deconstructed voice build the path of the tale. The body, the voice and the emotion on the words of a Portuguese author, who by using its mountain and rural background, awakens the curiosity of others, in any part of the world.

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