Night was originally released in 2007. A musical interpretation of a dream or stream of consciousness, it was the band's first true concept album in that it is one long song split into five parts. This structure attempts to recreate the pattern of a dream where the mind of the dreamer floats in and out of different memories and worlds. The album explores the question of where dreams end and reality begins and the mind as the tool that has to decide what to believe. During the dream the 'character' travels through various memories, both real and imagined, and sees the world from the angles of different people. Jon-Arne describes the album as being, 'about life and the various ways of interpreting existence.'

Night was Gazpacho's fourth studio album and was the album that introduced the band to a much larger audience. Despite the high regard with which the album is held, by fans and the band alike, there has always been a few small issues with aspects of the sound that have bugged the band and other features of the songs which have emerged through playing them live for the last five years. This new Kscope edition of the album has allowed the band to address these issues while still remaining faithful to the original.

For the new edition, which is packaged in a deluxe digi-book and comes with a bonus disc, the band wanted to re-record the drums and once they started this process they found that there were a few other tweaks that could be made. Thomas explains the changes that they made, 'we re-recorded the drums and some of the vocals that were distorted in the original recording session. We also added some of the tracks that were left off the original version to add further depth to the sound. We also remixed and for the first time for Night, mastered it at Cutting Room Studios in Stockholm.'

The second disc features live versions of the opening 3 tracks from Night, recorded at the Gloria Theatre in Cologne during the European tour to support their acclaimed 2012 album, March Of Ghosts.

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