UPDATE: HD file is now available for download (i didn't see it was disabled)
52 days along the Nile between post-revolutionary Egypt and Upper Nubia desert cut off from the outside world.
On foot, my only companions were a backpack and my Panasonic GH2+Lumix 20mm 1.7 and stock 14-140mm. Never knowing where to drink, eat, or sleep.
To put my finger on what motivated the first explorers from the 18th and 19th centuries, seeing with my own eyes this Nubia that my imagination and reading had attributed an alluring mystery.

But beyond the happiness of humbly experiencing adventure with a capital A, the encounter with the Nubians would become the keystone to my motivation.
Today Nubia is threatened with disappearance by a flood barriers project along the Nile.

Thus I’m launching this trailer for my crowdfunding project, goal being the success of my first exposition.

Fell free to comment even if you dislike!

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