Saratoga Springs, N.Y., famous for its historic racetrack, is among the most idyllic places in America. But on a recent fall weekend, not far from the track, horses were serving a different mission: retired thoroughbreds were recruited to help returning veterans at Song Hill Farm. A group from the US Army 2nd Battalion, 135th infantry, united in grief over the death of a fellow solider, gathered for the first time in five years to be part of Saratoga Warhorse, a three-day program that pairs veterans with horses. Tom Rinaldi reports the emotional story of the veterans, paired with their horses, undergoing a rebirth of trust and taking a first step toward healing.

Produced by Sharon Kum-Matthews
Narrated by Tom Rinaldi
Filmed by Bill Roach, Jesse Edwards ( ) , Mike Bove, Jim Greico, Gregg Hoerdemann
Feature Edit & Aerial Footage by 7TH ( )
Audio by Creative Group ( )

ESPN Front Row article :
The Saratogian article :

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