cassandra and jason were a handful. i felt like i was filming my big fat romanian wedding. there were more family members than i thought was humanly possible.... romanians were coming out of the woodworks asking me to take pictures of stuff for them. but after spending a day with the couple, i felt like i was hanging out with friends. jason and cassandra are two beautiful, capable, and strong people. their wedding day was chaotic to the core, but they both took everything in stride and demonstrated resolve and determination, and a reliance on each other that i know will serve their marriage well. after the honeymoon, jason was stealing cassandra away from her intensely close family and taking her with him to arizona. the tension was in the air, and it was kinda poetic... the horga family is exactly that: a family. i don't know that i've ever seen one so fiercely tight-nit. it was actually a really awesome thing to experience.
they are currently back in town for the week and i had the privilege of meeting up with them the other night to watch this video with them for the first time, and i don't think i've ever enjoyed watching a couple see their teaser as much as i did with them. they both have this passion for life that runs deep, jason's might be a little quieter than cassandra's but both are equally as deep and turbid. and they love each other. i dare you to watch this video and see the way they look at each other and try to say that love isn't real. this couple will quiet the cynics.

thank you so much jason and cassandra for being awesome people, i'm stoked to call you guys my friends now.
and thanks to the horga family for being so much fun and keeping the laughs coming all day long

huge thanks to colin cabalka ( for helping me shoot this wedding.

love to you guys, hope arizona doesn't keep you forever, i wanna see you back in town soon so we can grab some drinks together (if romanians allow that sort of thing.......)


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