North Atlantic Pavilion ‘Hospitality’ As part of City States, Liverpool Biennial 2012

The inaugural North Atlantic Pavilion brings together artists from Greenland, Iceland and the Faroes as part of 'City States' at this year’s Liverpool Biennial. Hosted in the ex-Royal Mail Sorting Office at Copperas Hill, the exhibition features new works from artists including Sigurdur Gudjónsson (Iceland), Hanni Bjartalíð (Faroe Islands) and Jessie Kleemann (Greenland).

Jessie Kleemann (b. 1959, Upernavik, Greenland) lives and works in Copenhagen. She works with performance art, paint and is also a poet. During performances Jessie works with traditional and contemporary Inuit themes, mixing video/film and music, poetry and dance. Kleemann has appeared in numerous international exhibition spaces, in remote villages in Greenland, and she is a regular guest-wolf of the international performance art group The Wolf in the Winter.

Jessie bases new installations and performance on the importance of sea blubber to Greenlandic culture and its duality of aggression and aesthetics. The exhibition also features a recent video work, and a live performance by the artist. Kleemann uses shamanistic rituals as a mode of expression through performance to create a new form of artistic language. Inuit traditions and beliefs in spiritual beings are given new life. She often performs in elegant silk robes and recklessly dances with blubber and meat, creating a unique expression that harnesses the unique polarities between materials and that is simultaneously repulsive and captivating.

This event is curated By NICE (Nordic Intercultural Creative Events) and Curated Place. The North Atlantic Pavilion is supported by the Nordic Cultural Fund and the Kulturkontakt Norden Culture and Art Programme.

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