She thought her mother’s love was unending. But she had much to learn.

At the edge of a vast, dry continent, facing the roughest of seas, the remarkable story of a young sea lion begins. It’s a tale of survival and of life over death. But, above all, it’s a story of love and of courage.

From the moment of her birth, on the jugged rocks of a South Australian coast, the young sea lion forms a bond with her mother that seems unbreakable. Within days of her birth, she’s left defenseless on the sand, at the mercy of dominant males that can kill young pups. But she knows her mother will return – to protect her, and to feed her.

The most intimate and captivating of relationships develops as the young pup grows, through moments of slapstick clumsiness as she takes her earliest steps, to moments of sheer grace and majesty as she takes to the water. For 17 months - no more, no less - the young sea lion learns how to swim, to play and to feed for herself in the rough waters off the Australian coast. And constantly she returns to her mother’s side for the richest of mother’s milk and for comfort.

Then one day, without warning, her mother stops feeding her. She finds herself rejected. Her mother has a new pup to feed. On her own, the young sea lion becomes a master of the waves, attacking even the sharks and other predators that were once her greatest enemies.

But a bond with her mother remains. And when, three years later, she returns to the same beach to have young of her own, her mother is once more by her side.

Filmed with newly developed underwater housing technology by a cameraman with over 15 years’ experience filming underwater, “Grace Under Pressure” offers a sharpness and quality never before experienced even on IMAX screens.

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