A compilation of scenes and vignettes I designed for the Dragon Age modding community for gameplay and machinima using the Dragon Age toolset Cutscene editor and peripherals. Several completed scenes can be viewed on youtube.com/user/Dahlialynn?feature=mheeyoutube.

With each scene I attempted to maintain realism as much as the assets would allow, stressing the importance of dramatic delivery, animation accuracy, camera angles, lighting, shot composition and motion, dialogue pacing, cut/edit timing, appropriate music application, VFX usage, sound effects manipulation, and gameplay integration/compatibility.

Many of the scenes involved collaboration with modelers, story and screen writers, texture artists, voice artists, script (code) developers, and level designers from the DA modding community.
Software used: DA toolset FMOD FaceFX, Cubase SX, Sony Vegas, GMax, Blender

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