Pakistan was the first county in South Asia to launch a vaccine against one of the leading cause of pneumonia among children under five.

-Each year, Pneumonia kills approximately 1.3 million children worldwide before they reach their fifth birthday
-Pneumonia accounts for 18 percent of child mortality, and is the leading cause of death among young children globally
-In Pakistan, 4.8 million children are born every year. Over 400,000 die before their fifth birthday. Almost one in five of these deaths are due to pneumonia
-Pneumococcal vaccines were added to routine immunisation in Islamabad on October 9, 2012 and in Punjab province two days later. The aim is to introduce the vaccine all over the country in several phases
-It is hoped the vaccine will save 27,000 lives per year in Pakistan

The introduction of pneumococcal vaccines is an important milestone in the fight to reduce the burden caused by pneumonia in Pakistan. The partnership between the Government of Pakistan and the GAVI Alliance – which includes UNICEF, WHO and civil society, among many other partners - to deliver this life-saving vaccine to Pakistan's children, as well as a renewed commitment to strengthening the current routine immunisation system, provides a solid foundation for a stronger, healthier nation.

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