We all can identify things in our life we would like to be different. If Jesus showed up and asked us what
we want Him to do for us in these situations, our answer can make a difference in the response we receive.
The Bible is clear that in some situations our requests are not answered because our motives are wrong.

Two of Jesus’ disciples, James and John, asked for permission to sit at His right hand when He “took
power” and came into His glory. They did not want to be overlooked and took the opportunity to let Jesus
know what they needed and wanted Him to do.
We can find ourselves in the same position when we believe we are ready for “that promotion,” believe
we deserve better, or want others to know we bring amazing value to our organization; when we “know”
what we need and tell Jesus what we want Him to do for us. Just as James and John, we ask with wrong motives.

In contrast, the blind man, Bartimaeus, cried out to Jesus for mercy, repeatedly and to the disapproval of
the crowd, until Jesus Himself called for Him to come. Though blind, Bartimaeus jumped up and went to
Jesus. His interaction with Jesus resulted in restoration of his sight and approval of his faith. We too need
to cry out to Jesus for mercy and keep our eyes on Him, disregarding critics or popular opinion.

When our priorities are aligned everything is put in proper perspective. Acknowledging God is holy, that everything good comes from Him, and that we trust in Him, we are positioned well to come to Him humbly,
with trust that He will do what is best.

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