One late night I was asked by the director if I would like to colorgrade this music video. I said yes and we started finding the right work was already done, but a small change happened .. the song has changed :) I was hoping only for instrumental changes but the final version had some voice changes too.. It was not very pleasing moment for us, but we accepted the challenge and we edited the video again from scratch.. and.. I think that despite we had less usable material we did better job than before..

Director: Roland Wranik
D.O.P: Jaroslav "Jaris" Valko
Editor/Colorist: Matus Amrich
Assistant editor: Roland Wranik
Story: Carmel Buckingham
Screenplay: Marek Zavartkay
AC: Simon Hudak, Juraj Hnat
Runner: Petter Dillhoff
VFX: Roland Wranik, Matus Amrich
Production: Marek Zavartkay
Sound Designer: Oliver Fillner, Michal "Maiky Beatz" Mariak
Styling: Radka Sirkova, Anna Tuskova,
Make up & Hair styling: Katka Lorencova
Styling extras: Veronika Kostkova
Production: Lumír Mati

Celeste Buckingham
Martin Sramek (Littlebeat)
Andrej Hruska(Littlebeat)
Aaron Harmon (BoyGenius)
Jordan Reyes (BoyGenius)

Celeste Buckingham
Paula Winger

Music production and recording : Littlebeat studio and BoyGenius Studios
Mastering: BoyGenius
Star/ Lead vocal: Celeste Buckingham

Andrej Hruska
Martin Sramek
Marian Slavka
Andrej Groll

Company: RW studio

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