As a particularity, a 3D cell culture permits cells to explore the three dimensions of the space thereby increasing cell-cell interactions, as well as interaction with the environment. In studies related to breast cancer biology, spheroids are becoming widely used in the aim to comprehend luminal space morphogenesis. We showed that MCF-7 cells reorganize themselves in tubular and acinar structures. In both situations, lumen formation was accompanied by the establishment of a layer of polarized cells, an arrangement that is very similar to that of breast glands. The presented results suggest the existence of an MCF cell line population not completely committed to the tumor phenotype. When maintained as differentiated, MCF-7 cell spheroids can be a new model for studies regarding lumen formation, thereby exploring the role of diiferent pathways, such as those related to cell apoptosis, autophagy, differentiation and survival.

-MCF-7 Cells as a Three-Dimensional Model for the Study of Human Breast Cancer.
-Cell death and lumen formation in spheroids of MCF-7 cells.
-A cultura de células em 3 dimensões e a sua aplicação em estudos
relacionados a formação do lúmen

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