273 Teaching

Hos. 4:3 Therefore the land mourns, and everyone living there languishes, wild animals too, and the birds in the air; even the fish in the sea are removed.
Hos. 4:4 But no one should quarrel or rebuke, because your people are having to quarrel with the cohen [priest].
Hos. 4:5 Therefore you will stumble with you at night. “I will destroy your mother.
Hos. 4:6 My people are destroyed for want of knowledge. Because you rejected knowledge, I will also reject you as cohen for me. Because you forgot the Torah [law, teaching, instruction] of your God, I will also forget your children.
Hos. 4:7 The more they increased in number, the more they sinned against me. I will change their glory into shame.

Adonai says “My people are destroyed for want of knowledge”. We as children of Adonai are made with a God size hole that only He can fill. Therefore we blindly throw ourselves behind many things thinking, “Maybe this will fill it.” Finally sooner or later we end up seeking upwards for answers. Some tired from their journey. Once they come to God they give themselves completely to Him. Yet they end up being taught by someone whom, the teacher themselves, has not been properly schooled. However, the problem lies even deeper than this. We live in a society that is ungodly, and coming from a state of ungodliness to seeking the King of the universe is a drastic change. However, it’s not too difficult IF we are listening to the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), which begs the question “How do we know when the Ruach HaKodesh is talking?” Well being very Jewish I can answer that question with another question. “What does Yeshua say about the Ruach HaKodesh?” Learn what it really means to live your life according to the Spirit of Adonai through the lips of our Teacher, and ultimate example that the Father has given us to follow… Yeshua our Mashiac (Messiah)

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